Russia discovered the world’s largest diamond fields



A giant crater in Russia turned out to save a treasure trove of invaluable: up to trillions carat diamond deposits. The crater created by the former asteroid impact 35 million years ago in Siberia is believed to have a very large diamond reserves, to be able to supply the world market for the next 3,000 years.

The number of diamonds contained below Popigai crater called Crater is believed to reach more than 10 times the current world supply of diamonds. This was revealed after the Russian government to allow scientists from Novosibirsk Institute of Geology and Mineralogy to open access to the largest diamond fields in the world.

Official Russian news agency ITAR-Tass said, there are diamonds in the crater area of ​​62 miles or 99.7 kilometers are known to heat the material formed from a meteorite collision with the existing diamond deposits, making it a very unique diamond. Diamond is known to double the usual harder than diamond. This makes it ideal for the sake of aesthetics, industry and science.

Government of Russia, formerly the Soviet Union actually had to know matters of giant diamond fields located in Siberia since the 1970’s. But they chose to close the secret meetings.

Christian Science Monitor reported, Nikolai Pokhilenko, Novosibirsk Institute of Directors, said the latest discovery will lead to severe shocks in the world market of precious stones.

“The number of diamonds superkeras contained in the rock structure suspected Popigai crypto explosion ten times the current world diamond reserves,” he said. “We’re talking trillions carat diamond. For comparison, the reserves in the mine in Yakutia, Russia estimated 1 billion carats.”

Pokhilenko added diamonds have value added, with rugged features and a large grain size. “Make them valuable to the interests of the industry.”

Russian diamond production could boom in 2007, with production reaching U.S. $ 1.35 billion. The majority of exports to Israel, Belgium, Southeast Asia, and the United States. Production dropped in 2009, when diamond production only reached U.S. $ 350 million during the economic crisis.

The world market is now showing signs of improvement. That is the reason why the Russians finally uncover latent secret.

Story of mine Yakutia

Diamond industry that brings money coffers Russia largely on mining colossal Mirny, Yakutia. Mining operations began in the 1950s, when scientists discovered diamond deposits in large numbers at the site, about 4,300 kilometers from Moscow.

In the half-century later, the mine produces diamonds at least U.S. $ 17 billion. Hole into the mine finally closed 11 years ago due to a reduced yield and safety issues.

Russia’s Alrosa diamond company then began an underground diamond mine, but the production cost is more expensive, especially in the midst of the financial crisis. New source Popigai Astroblem make Mirny look like a “rabbit hole” and is believed to trigger the rise Russian advanced industrial world.


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